Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Do you Facebook drunk? Yeah me too...

So I might consider buying this. An internet security firm in America has created a program to stop you from accessing your social media accounts when drunk. So no more "Omg im spewingf so hardde rite now looollll drunnk as FUCK!"

Or the classic example from Fernanda Trigo that you'll see if you watch the ad for it...

Any good drunken social media stories? Post them in the comments!
<3 WeezleHunt

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

First post in over a year, WUT?!

Sorry, I guess? I just started thinking about Weezle Hunt again and I was like, damn, what happened... Also turns out I've earned $2.25 in advertising revenue, Kaching! Makin' ends meet...

Anyway, not to deviate from the purpose of this site, check this flippin shit out. I mean. What the shit.

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